Alchemy of Hair Color will show you a new way of conceptualizing Aveda color that will change every formula you touch from now on. In this class, you’ll finally figure out why some of your color formulas work, and why some don’t (even though it feels like they should).

Your “a-ha moments” will open your eyes to different and non-damaging methods to lift and neutralize; innovative paths to the color results you want every time; and new ways to use the Aveda tools you already have in your toolbox. You’ll learn how to break the rules in smart ways, and bring your visions to life.


Complimentary for a limited time!


  • Why some of your color formulas that SHOULD work — don't.

  • Skills to achieve "how" and "why" to choose specific pure tones, pure pigments and pastel tones to create true neutral, cool and vibrant results.

  • How to lift hair based on the color wheel scale, changing the way you think about color in the process.

  • The WHYs behind your color intuition as you discover how to get vibrant, more accurate results creatively.

  • How to say goodbye to your "bleach and tone" mentality as you conquer even the most stubborn lifts with color.

  • How to get vibrant, predictable results every time and conquer even the most stubborn lifts with color.

The Mastermind

Executive Director of Hair Color Sales and Education Alberto Swanson

Alberto Swanson began his 20 years with Aveda at the Aveda Experience Centers, working his way up to a management position. During his 10 years as Education Lead and Senior Colorist at Van Michael Miami, he worked with designer labels including Gucci®, Escada® and Baby Phat, as well as a celebrity clientele. He worked with Ian Michael Black twice as part of the Aveda Hair Color Team for Aveda Congress and once for Behind The Chair Color Shows. He has served as lead colorist for Van Michael Salons for Aveda Master Jam. He co-created Aveda’s global Beyond Balayage curriculum and contributed to Full Spectrum Deep™ Systems + Fusion. Today, he helps others evolve as Executive Director of Hair Color Sales and Education for Neill and as an Aveda Color Purefessional™and Aveda Guest Artist.

"We all have color that's disappointing or didn't turn out like we wanted. This class breaks down why."

— Nicole Nedom, Ihloff Salon