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TUTORIAL: Registering for Neill University Courses

Troubleshooting Tips

Tech trouble happens! Be prepared with these tips to view course content on Neill University and Zoom with ease!

  • Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device.

  • Clear the cache on your browser and restart it.

  • Try a different browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

  • Try an Incognito/Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  • Try a different device.

  • Adjust your internet connection.

👋 Have a quick question?

Hit up our FAQs below or email us at

  • How do I enroll in a course?

    Sign up for free or sign in to an existing student account. Browse the All Courses page, and choose the first awesome course you see! Select Register Now to confirm your enrollment.

  • I'm a salon owner, and I want to enroll my team in a course. How do I do that?

    Each enrollment must be purchased through the team member's account. This makes it easy for students to track their progress, receive reminders, collect their certifications, and stay on track to reach their individual goals! 💪

  • Can I only access Neill University courses from a computer?

    You can access your account or courses from any device, anywhere! Just remember your login and password.

  • How do I connect to a Live Course?

    Select the course from My Dashboard and click on Start Course/Resume Course. Select Zoom Link on the left menu, review the Course Preparation, and click the Zoom link to join the live session.

  • If I miss a Live Course, will I be able to access the content later?

    Live Courses are best attended LIVE! Our courses are designed to be intimate, interactive experiences, and our educators thrive on the engagement of students like YOU! For that reason, we do not offer course recordings. If you are not able to attend a course, keep an eye out — we'll probably offer it again!

  • Do you offer certificates of completion?

    Yes! When you finish any of our courses, you'll receive a certificate to share on social media or include in your portfolio. Remember to complete the survey at the end of the course to receive your certificate!

  • How do I find my course certificates?

    Login to Neill University, click your name on the top right of the screen, and select My Account. Select Certificates on the left menu, and click View on the desired certificate to download.

  • How can I motivate stylists to complete a course?

    Use Neill University course completion certificates to hold stylists accountable for completing a course! Certificates are only issued when a class is 100% complete - and they look great hung up on a wall in the breakroom 😉